Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wedding, Part I

[Cut and pasted from a mass e-mail]

WE ARE (legally) MARRIED!!!

The chaplain in Bamberg can perform the religious wedding ceremony but doesn’t have the legal jurisdiction to issue a marriage license. Therefore, we needed to get it before getting to Germany. We talked about the timing and decided that by getting married now [at the courthouse], Kristin can get a dependent ID card to get onto post, because, let’s face it, the only reason she is marrying Jon is for the commissary privileges. (And his awesome puns.)

So what is next? We load up the U-haul and move Kristin out to Washington Monday and should get to Fort Lewis by Thursday. The condo we bought is about five minutes from post, 20 minutes from Tacoma or Olympia, and just over an hour from Seattle. Portland is close, too.

We are still getting married on March 4th in Bamberg. Father Kopec will perform the ceremony and we plan on having an amaaaaazing honeymoon. Kristin says this is the one that counts, but Jon is pretty sure Kristin is entitled to half the condo as of today. Also, mark your calendar for May 17th. We will be holding our German-fest-themed reception in Blue Springs, MO, just 20 miles east of Kansas City. We’ll hold a smaller gathering in Seattle in June (mainly for Jon’s family and hometown friends). Details to follow.

If you wind up in the Seattle area, please stop by. Kristin needs friends.

Jon thinks the third person narrative of this email is odd. Kristin says it is just because we are writing this together.

Please note that Kristin will not be changing her name until after the March wedding. We are not sure she could get a new passport in time. But please, feel free to address her as Mrs. K (and Jon as Mr. Walstrom).


Kristin and Jon


Marvella said...

Congrats! I'm glad to hear you young kids finally got hitched!

Anonymous said...

Now wait just a minute Jon and Kristin! The 17th of May is a National holiday in Norway. It is a time of celebration and good times because Norway won it's independence from Sweden. Yeah!!! Now to spoil the day with, say, celebration and good times for your marriage would be........
maybe a good idea. See ya there!!