Monday, April 7, 2008


I watch American Idol, and I am not ashamed to admit it. That and Dancing with the Stars are my guilty reality television pleasures. However, this season, I have a legitimate reason to follow Idol. I know David Cook. For real. While the jury is still out on whether or not he would still remember who I am, especially since he's all famous now, I really do know him. We attended both middle and high school together and were involved in some of the same activities. We were in musicals/melodramas together in middle school and both participated in Forensics (speech and debate, not Crime Scene Investigation). I was even his escort for his first try at the Mr. Jaguar male "beauty" pageant (he later went on to win the competition his senior year). You better believe that I'm going to be digging up some embarrassing photos and videos from those "Coming of Age" days the next time I'm home. I have to be ready if Fox comes calling. The coolest thing is that he's actually really good. He has a legitimate shot to win the whole thing. Now that he's in the top ten, he's pretty much assured a record deal. The solo album that he put out a couple of years ago is fantastic--it's in the CD player pretty exclusively these days. Obviously I'm pretty excited for David. But I'm also amused. It's crazy to see him on TV and to read about him in US Weekly (which I only read at the gym) and on Wikipedia. And it's hilarious to read blog posts from girls--and married women--who think he's "hott." Good for him! If you're a David Cook fan (or if you want to be), I suggest checking out this very excellent website managed by some of his good friends. It's very tongue-in-cheek about the whole thing, right down to the Chuck Norris-esque list of reasons why David Cook should be the next American Idol. Don't forget to vote Tuesday nights!

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Bobby Bohanan said...

Speaking of music, did you know the band Spoon has a song called "Sister Jack." I will post it on my facebook for you.