Friday, November 6, 2009

Husker Nation

One of the hardest things about leaving the Midwest (in addition to leaving my family, friends, and home of 25 years, of course) was that I would also be without my favorite teams. We don't have enough time to watch TV to justify anything more than basic cable, but even if we did, we still wouldn't be able to watch the Royals, Chiefs, or Cornhuskers, anyway. (Disclaimer: Yes, I know that there's not a huge demand for Royals or Chiefs games, but I am a loyal fan and would watch them if I could.) No offense to the Mariners, Seahawks, or Huskies, but it's just not the same.
However, we stumbled upon the perfect outlet for my fervent fanaticism this fall. When I first moved out West, Jon discovered a website for the Washington chapter of the University of Nebraska alumni association. Through that site, we learned that a local AM radio station broadcasts Husker games. There's nothing like listening to a Husker game in Washington...and hearing the feed and seed commercials that follow every break in the action.
This season, though, we figured out that we live ridiculously close to an Irish pub that hosts Husker watch parties each week. Thinking that there would only be a handful of fans in attendance, we were shocked to see nearly 50 people decked out in their red staring intently at the TV screens. Correction: Jon thought there would only be a few people. I had no doubts. Husker Nation is alive and well.
We've been able to attend several watch parties this season and the atmosphere is always comforting to me. The fight song is played after every score and "Go Big Red!" chants are raucous. All that's missing is the iconic "More Points!" To my delight, Jon usually fills in that part--I knew I married the right guy.
Speaking of Jon, he's been a great sport, tagging along with me and cheering on the Huskers. All that will change next September, however, when Nebraska travels to Washington for the "Battle in Seattle." I can't wait.

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