Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jon Turns 30

In true "Spoon and Captain Jack" fashion, this post is belated. Extremely belated. Apparently someone (who will remain nameless) didn't feel like writing about his 30th birthday. So, two months later, I've taken it upon myself to briefly recount the events that surrounded the celebration of Jon's official trip over the hill.
I'm afraid I've set a terrible precedent for myself. After swearing that I would not try to surprise Jon on his birthday two years in a row, I did just that. But it was his 30th birthday after all--I couldn't just let it slip past unrecognized. However, there is no way that I can pull this off three times, so I am hereby publicly declaring that there will be no birthday surprise next year.
Jon knew that his "official" birthday present would be tickets to the University of Washington football game. Despite a tough loss to the Oregon Ducks (and their obnoxious fans), a good time was had by all. The real surprise, however, took place a week prior.
I had informed as many of Jon's friends and family members as I could that a fun way to celebrate Jon's 30 years would be to shower him with 30 of something. And shower him many of you did. 30 bags of mini Cheez-Its, 30 temporary tattoos, 30 songs from iTunes, 30 text messages, 20 AA batteries (figure that one out) guys are creative. Thanks for all your help!
The surprise didn't end there, though. Jon's dad graciously offered to share his birthday (which is a week prior to Jon's), which turned into a great alibi. We told Jon that there was going to be a surprise party for his dad at a brewery in Seattle. We knew we were successful when it wasn't until Jon walked in and saw friends that had never even met his dad that he started to figure it out. Thanks again--you know who you are.
I did promise to be brief, so one more thing before I end this post. On October 24, 2009, I witnessed something I never expected to see. With that build-up, I encourage you to check out YouTube's newest star (Jon En Fuego):

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