Saturday, October 16, 2010

September to Remember

So that's it.  We have officially left the Northwest.  But before we did, we had quite the September.  Surely you've heard the cliche "going out with a bang."  Well, we did.  And then some.  I could expound on each of the really cool things we did all month, but in order to get a complete picture of our awesomeness/insanity, I'll treat this post as a month-in-review.

September 1:   Trivia night at the Harmon

September 2:   Tacoma Rainiers vs. Colorado Springs Sky Sox

September 3:   Going-Away Extravaganza at our abode

September 4:   Bumbershoot with Bob Dylan

Even though we had a hard time understanding what he was saying half the time, it was still incredible to see a legend in concert
September 5:   Family wedding in Eugene, Oregon

September 6:   Road trip to California

Mount Shasta
September 7:   Wine tasting in Sonoma

September 8:   Visit to friend in Davis, California
September 9:   California Gold Rush Museum and Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Sutter Mill (replica), where gold was first found in 1848

Lake Tahoe (great excuse to check Nevada off our list of states to visit)
September 10: Return to Washington, Seabrook beach house with family

September 11: Pacific Beach Kite Festival

September 12: Ocean Shores Interpretive Center

September 13: Final Book Club

September 14: *deep breath*

Battle in Seattle
September 15: Trivia at the Harmon, pick up family at the airport
September 16: Olympia Farmers Market and Chambers Bay Golf Course

With the exception of the rice--which came out of a box--everything we had for dinner was fresh from the market

The new pedestrian bridge at Chambers Bay which connects the golf course/trail to the beach
September 17: Tour of Seattle, pick up more family at the airport, Seattle Mariners vs. Texas Rangers

We witnessed Felix Hernanadez pitch a no-hitter into the 8th inning
 September 18: Battle in Seattle (more to come in a subsequent post)

September 19: Family returns to Midwest, get organized for packers

September 20: Packers
September 21: Errands
September 22: Movers
September 23: Cleaning and more cleaning, leave for Memphis

And then we had a 4 1/2 day road trip to Memphis.  I'm exhausted just re-reading it...but oh-so-glad we took advantage of all our opportunities to hang out with friends and family and do some pretty darn cool things.  I'm looking forward to a bit of a break, but at the same time wondering "What do we do next?"


Kathleen said...

The photo of the wine grapes makes me think of our current backyard! But ours are concord, not wine. And are they messy!

Spoon said...

So jealous, Kathleen! How did the jelly turn out?