Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Seahawks Super Bowl Soirée...Sponsored by Crock Pot

Go Seahawks!

Thanks, Auntie, for Elsa's spirited outfit!
Since my Chiefs self-destructed in the first round of the play-offs, I wholeheartedly threw my support behind the Seahawks. Easy to do because a) being from Seattle, Jon is a huge Seahawks fan, and b) when given the chance, I will always cheer against the Broncos.

Once Seattle officially made it to the Super Bowl, we decided to host a party. We optimistically thought it would also be a good opportunity to show off the new house. It was actually good motivation to get some work done, resulting in several late nights spent painting and organizing. Poor Jon was a zombie at work all week...but that was probably due to the fact that since I bought a different type of coffee (the grocery store was out of his favorite), he inadvertently drank decaf for days.

Miraculously, when it was time for the big game, we were ready. We certainly didn't have all the painting or projects done, but the house was (mostly) clean and chili was made. Due to the number of people we were expecting, we made a triple batch, prompting the need for an extra crock pot. Add in the spinach dip (served with blue chips to keep with the blue-green theme, of course) I made in a different crock pot, we had three outlets occupied.

Guests bearing delicious food started arriving as kick-off approached, and it quickly became apparent that we would need an extension cord. All told, we had six crock pots going, full of all that yummy stuff you only get to eat at parties. Needless to say, no one left hungry.

We were delighted to discover that everyone fit in our living room, including our giant rented TV. It was nice to not have to squint to see the score; I'm glad we'll still have it through the Olympics. We had a lovely time surrounded by friends, made all the sweeter by the outcome of the game. Super Bowl Sunday was a rousing success!

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