Monday, June 30, 2014

Educators Bed & Breakfast

Someday when we retire, Jon and I have a dream of opening our own brewery/bed & breakfast. Jon would brew the beer, of course, and serve as chief tour guide, while I would get to play hostess. Since that is many, many, many years away, we've been content to practice our hosting skills through our membership in the Educators Travel Network.

As a part of this network, we have made our home available for travelers to spend a night or two, and we have the opportunity to stay with folks across the country for an extremely affordable rate. Kind of like Airbnb, but for educators. So far, we've only used the service for our trip to New Orleans a couple of years ago, but we have had the opportunity to host and meet some very friendly, very interesting people.

I could blather on about our guests and our experiences, but instead, I will share a much more polished account written--in our upstairs bedroom--by one of our new friends. Enjoy!


Soph! said...

That's really cool.I do the same thing via couchsurfing, but haven't done it in a long while. It's so much fun sharing experiences and adventures.

Spoon said...

Awesome, Sophia! You'd be a good host. :)