Friday, June 5, 2015

Elsa is TWO!

If Elsa's first year was all about surviving, then her second was about settling in.

We've spent the past twelve months settling into our roles as mother, father, and human being. While there have certainly been a lot of frustrating moments, there have been far more enjoyable ones. Please remind me that I said this when Elsa is in the midst of a terrible two-year-old tantrum, but she is so much fun right now.

What she has learned so far is astonishing and often hilarious (but probably only to us). Many a night, Jon and I have lain awake in bed recounting one of Elsa's ridiculous antics. She is talking quite a bit, and just as I had hoped, this new skill has increased her personality exponentially. I love being able to interact with her in this way.

In addition to talking, this year has brought a much more mobile toddler. Elsa is actually quite fast, which is great...except when she wants to run around an airport, for example. She's also mastered jumping and is getting pretty good at somersaults. Oh, and she's a dancing fool.

We've had a pretty regular routine this year, which has been good for everyone. In addition to attending Kindermusik class and a weekly playgroup, Elsa spent two days a week at Parents Day Out while I taught some classes at the community college. She loved it! Even though "school" has been out for a couple of weeks, she continues to talk about her teachers and most nights will say during prayer time, "Thank you Elsa all the friends" (we'll work on the proper syntax later).

Elsa also seemed to understand the birthday concept this year. Every time she sees a candle, she connects it to birthdays, and it's a pretty common occurrence at our house to randomly sing "Happy Birthday" to any number of people (and sometimes inanimate objects). I love birthdays, so I certainly encourage this. When I asked Elsa what she would like for her birthday, she was quick to say that she wanted a birthday cake--chocolate--and a birthday hat. Done and done.

We also had a birthday party at the house with some of her friends (we got rained out at the park), which was a blast...even if it was a little overwhelming with a bunch of two(ish)-year-olds running around. My mom and little brother were able to come down for the festivities, too, which made it extra-special.

On Elsa's actual birthday, Jon made us all a big breakfast of his specialty--biscuits and gravy--before going to church. Afterward, we were able to Skype/FaceTime with family in both Kansas City and Seattle, all of whom spoiled our darling daughter with way too many (awesome) gifts. After a much-needed nap, we had the infamous sheep photo shoot.

The sheep has shrunk!
To cap off the birthday celebration, we visited the new Bass Pro Shop at the Memphis Pyramid before going out for dinner. Not too shabby for a second birthday. I think--hope--Elsa enjoyed it.

We're excited for what the next year will hold...only about 11 more months before we celebrate all over again!

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