Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Blue Christmas

The three snow days we had let me take care of a lot of things. Besides editing the company year book, I made beer, finished writing Christmas cards and shopping, skied on the golf course, and painted the bathroom. Our home had a fresh coat of paint in every room when we moved in. However, flat latex doesn’t do well in bathrooms, especially when the fan isn’t venting properly. So, we had to kill the mildew with bleach and repaint with a more durable coating. Though home improvement can be a pain, this gave us a fresh start. We could paint the bathroom any of 10,000 colors! Having only had to paint and not pick the paint, this was a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, Kristin helped to narrow the choices down to something manageable. After initially planning on something neutral, like tan or gray, we chose blue at the last minute. It was at this point that Kristin realized her secret calling in life is to name paint colors. One snow day later, we had a brand new bathroom!
Before we left on Saturday, Kristin asked me how much of all this we could have accomplished without snow days. Well, none of it.
Merry Christmas!

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