Sunday, December 21, 2008

Surprise, Part II

Even though I had to spend the majority of my birthday with a sundry group of high school juniors, it was quite a good day. A plethora of well wishes awaited me via phone and Internet, and Jon and I went out to dinner at an Argentinean steak house. I was totally satisfied with my birthday (aka, the “best day of the year”) and was okay with the fact that I didn’t really have a “birthday weekend” this year. December 3rd fell on a Wednesday and we already had a variety of plans for the weekend, including celebrating Jon’s mother’s birthday. So, when we set off on the following Friday for the retirement party of one of Jon’s co-workers, I actually thought that’s where we were going. However, Jon had something else in mind. When we arrived at the restaurant, I quickly scanned the room and didn’t see anyone that worked with Jon. Closer scrutiny revealed our dear friends seated at a table in the corner. It took me a moment to realize that there was no retirement party, that Jon had arranged this little birthday party for me. And I was so excited that I immediately slugged him in the arm. Ecstatic that Jon had pulled one over on me, we changed gears the following day and prepared to surprise Jon’s mom for her birthday. There were actually two events planned, so rather than drive the two hours back home, we decided to stay with Jon’s good friend (ironically the same friend I used in his birthday surprise excuse) that Saturday night. Since Jon is literally a human compass, I didn’t think twice when he exited the highway to “cut through” a quaint little town on the Snohomish River. I wasn’t even suspicious when we made a number of turns through the town as Jon pretended to look for a shortcut to our destination. It wasn’t until he stopped the car in front of a bed and breakfast that I realized that he had planned the ultimate surprise. When we checked in at the front desk, the proprietor alluded to the fact that there was more to the surprise upstairs. A dozen red roses were sitting on the dresser next to a chilling bottle of apple cider, and balloons were tied to the door handle. Flower petals and chocolates were scattered on the bed. I was so moved that I almost cried; instead, I slugged Jon in the arm. Like the proprietor said, I really do have the most thoughtful husband. Barf.

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