Sunday, April 12, 2009

Worst Wine Tourists EVER

Rather than attempt to succinctly describe our day trip to California's Sonoma Valley, I'll just cut and paste an e-mail Jon sent to our wine expert friend. (Like I tell my students, if you use someone else's work, make sure you give credit to your source. Thank you, Jon.) "...the Sonoma Valley was awesome! Unfortunately, we are the worst wine tourers ever. We only made it to three wineries and the Russian River Brewing Company, where we had the brettanomyces beers. Wild, man [as in wild yeast]. It is like the love child of a Belgian doppel and a Beaujolais. I've never had anything like it! We got there about 5 p.m. on a Monday and the place was packed. Looks like the recession is good for someone! Wine wise, we went to Roche, the first winery at the south end of the valley. Pretty good Pinot Noir! They are close to the bay, so the nights stay cooler than areas further up the valley. We spent the most time at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards. This is the same Italian family that invented the Jacuzzi Spa. One of the 600-plus descendants married into the Cline family, which owns a French-style vineyard also in the Valley. The Jacuzzis make some great Italian wines and their building is incredible. Next time you go back through Sonoma, stop at their winery. I think you'll appreciate the traditional family blends.

Our last winery was...[g]ood, but nothing mind-blowing. After that, we went for a hike at Jack London's Farm, picnicked by the lake, and generally enjoyed the warm, sunny weather, while it was snowing up in Seattle."

There is actually a lake under there...we checked.

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