Sunday, May 3, 2009

A “His, Hers, and Ours” Weekend: Ours

After fishing and tulip gazing, we decided to make a stop at the meat store in Mountlake Terrace. That’s not a typo, we found an honest-to-goodness meat store. Of course, they also had over a thousand styles of hot sauce, barbeque sauce (including three types of Gates and four of types Arthur Bryant’s BBQ sauce), salsas, and other spices, as well as fresh cheese, and yes, even meat. We loaded up on steaks, lunch meat, BBQ sauce, and cheese. What a place! But the real highlight of the day was our dinner of fresh-caught trout. We paired the trout with our asparagus and wild rice. This is quite common, and though I was out of practice, I still cooked up a delicious meal. Kristin, on the other hand, had a hard time with the way I prepared and cooked the trout.
Fresh trout are cleaned, slathered with butter, and baked for 20 minutes. They are two small to fillet, so they are cooked on the bone. This loosens the meat so it can be pulled easily from the skin and bones.
To her credit, Kristin ate the whole fish (minus the head) and actually liked it. “Trout are in the same family as salmon,” she justified, “so, it was better than I expected.” And that answer was better than I expected!

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